Play-to-earn game simulating the management of a colony of racing pigeons


Your loft and your pigeons

Place your pigeons in holes and mate them to breed new champions. Each pigeon has its own characteristics that can be improved through care. The level of health and motivation of your pigeons, as well as their athletic abilities determine their results in races and the earnings they can bring back.
Pigeon loft

Races and bets

You can basket your pigeons in different competition categories ranging from simple training to champion races. Some pigeon profiles will perform better in short distance races, while others will express themselves better over longer distances. Bet on your pigeons to generate gains.

Your results and your earnings

The results page displays the complete ranking of each races and gives you access to several statistics: your gains and losses, the performance of your pigeons compared to your competitors, the improvements obtained... All the bets placed by the players are returned back to the players according to their results.

Championships and Awards

A ranking of the best players and the best pigeons is automatically updated. These championships are available on a monthly, weekly or general basis. Rewards are given to the highest ranked players and to the players owning the best pigeons.

The Market Place

A series of products are available on the Market Place. They allow you to facilitate or improve care and thus increase the level of health and motivation of your pigeons. Buy pigeons to strengthen your team or breed better pigeons. The best results of the pigeons are visible on their sheet. Selling your top performing pigeons is a great way to increase your earnings.
Market place

The in-game currency

Metaloft relies on blockchain technology. The in-game currency, the LOCO, can be exchanged for USDC digital dollars or purchased directly with a credit card. An ERC20 governance token will soon be available. An ERC721 contract will also be created to allow the player to transform his best pigeons into NFT. Image by
Software architecture